About A

Apartment A born without being Apartment A, it was a little ruined flat waiting for renovation that was given at disposal to Ale Senso by really sensitive to art landlords.

The artist painted the 8 mural artworks on the walls developing an idea sprung up in Wilhelmshaven for the exhibition "Ungeniert/engagiert - Kunst aus den Strassen Berlins" by the local Kunsthalle (public art gallery).

Also thanks to the extraordinary endorsement of Mr. Sela the landlords agreed to let the little flat became Apartment A for one night.

Energy, heating and the toilette were reactivated. Lights and a little bar were installed and the party started!

It was the 8th of December 2017 and for all the people there it was the first and the last chance to experience the art-project. But...

The landlords remained impressed from the exhibition and granted Ale to use the flat for art and culture related events (and parties...) until September 2018 when the flat will be eventually renovated, all the murals will not be anymore and what will remain of Apartment A will be beautiful memories and the self produced catalog. 

UPDATE: THE RENOVATION WAS POSTPONED! Not only: we are already working on a new location in Berlin - Friedenau!


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