SEELE BRENNT - Berlino L'Anima Brucia

16.02.2018 "Apartment A" in collaboration with "451 press" presents:

A 8 years photographic research about gentrification, destructions, hidden places, sub culture of resistance.

Thanks to all the people who came by!

And Paola Verde for the exciting presentation of her book and the exhibition. It was a magic night spent together! Enjoy some pictures and videos of the event below and a couple of articles about us.

But first, please read this introductory text that Paola wrote to describe Berlin and her life experience during these years. I am sure that many of you remember. Exciting words that open 1000 perspectives to us:

I looked for your soul, Berlin

In the sunny courtyards, along the socialist avenues, the esplanades, the no-man's lands, the Plattenbau, through the suburbs, your bridges, the abandoned factories, the peeling facades, the black windows, the smashed buildings, the dirty sunrises, the sky covering the chimneys.

I gathered your voice in the wind that slams the scaffolding, under chilling skies of rust and rain, on the crumbling concrete, on the roofs of the squatted houses, between the clouds trapped by the cranes and the rattling of trains along the river.

I have collected these shots for years, slightly faded frames of a city that disappears, trying to retain these feelings a little longer, to tell of this obscure and romantic city, wrapped in an aura of mystery, full of a dark and decadent charm, that once was inspiring muse of poets and singers, artists and dreamers, crossroads of minorities, work force, migrants, restlessness, resistance.

In the tragedy of her destiny, condemned to a continuous becoming, Berlin wakes up a little different every morning, wearing her flashy dress for the party on her body full of scars. How long is now? How much time has passed? Almost all these Soul-places do not exist anymore, the others will disappear soon, deserted by the never stopping gentrification. There is no future without memory.



photographs of Paola Verde

d.i.y. book
1st edition 150 numbered and signed copies
18x24 cm, 88 pages b/w - color
german and italian texts
insert poster
+ original print signed




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