IT IS WHAT IT IS - Photography exhibition & Solidarity party!

APARTMENT A proudly presents IT IS WHAT IT IS part 2, a photografy exhibition by Vasili Pham. He explores the human condition capturing istants of his own life, his moves. Our friends of BAB face everyday the extremes of it helping human beings trapped into. We are really happy to help them funding their priceless wilful activity. BAB is a small NGO that works, also to help refugees, in ethnically and religiously divided areas in Bosnia Hercegovina.

/___MORE INFOS________/
Not enough?! Write us to

5:00 PM Doors open
6:00 PM DJset
7:30 PM Reading
8:00 PM Acoustic Concert
9:30 PM Presentation of BAB + Reading
After there will be time for questions and networking

/___FREE ENTRY________/
The entrance and the partecipation to the events are,
like ever, completely free. However we will be really
grateful for your free donation to BAB

There will be a bar service runned by our friend of
La Gatta. It will be possible to have food 
(also vegetarian) and beverages for a small price.
The gain of the bar will be entirely donated to BAB.
Apartment A is dotated of a really special toilette,
you have to visit it once.

Kurfüstenstr. 97, 12105 Berlin-Mariendorf

/___HOW TO ARRIVE_____/
S Bahn ATTILASTRASSE S2 ( shorter way)
go through the Ringstrasse, then left on the Kurfurstenstrasse.
The block is just after the crossroad with Gersdorfstrasse,
on your left, enter the garden house, on the ringbell there
will be a A, 4th floor

go through Ullsteinstrasse, then left Rathausstrasse, then right Kurfurstenstrasse. 
You will find the block on your right, just before the crossroad with Gersdorfstrasse.

THE NEIGHBOURS ARE DANGEROUS! No, I'm joking... There is a
little baby in our building, please take care to be quiet
in the staircase, THANK YOU!!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( FACEBOOK EVENT ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


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